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Originally published in The HIGHWAY California Issue 2 March/April  2017

KindStems is a cannabis leggings company striving to bring a new sense of elegance and discretion to cannabis fashion.  Kindstems leggings feature pristine up-close shots of the cannabis plant, paired with detailed information on the strain, where it was grown, who bred it, and the photographer. 

The unique photos are intentionally selected to showcase what can be seen with the naked eye down to what is impossible to see without a microscope. The five designs currently available range from the recognizable to the abstract; from a full-grown cannabis plant, to golden concentrates, to crystal-clear trichomes and everything in between. You can’t help but be mesmerized by the detailed printing, yet the high-quality doesn’t stop at the images themselves. 

Each pair is super soft to the touch, crafted from microfiber polyester yarn with a thick elastic waistband for added comfort. This unique blend stretches and recovers in all directions to ensure a snug fit all day. Not only will you feel great wearing them, but you will also feel great about how they’re made as well. 

Kindstems are printed, cut, and sewn to order in California to ensure the utmost in quality. If that wasn’t enough, the “Kind” in KindStems is not only a play on words for the kind buds we love to smoke; 3% of their profits are donated to charities that are focused on the support and release of prison inmates serving our time for non-violent cannabis related crimes.

KindStems accidentally began in 2014, however, it wasn’t officially launched until the end of 2016. Founder Beacon Nesbitt met her boyfriend, Erik Christiansen, while they were working together at a vaporizer company in the cannabis industry. Erik is the founder of Nugshots, a leading provider of cannabis strain and macro photography. 

After the two fell in love, Beacon asked for leggings with some of Erik’s unique photography printed on them to wear at tradeshows and other industry events. In 2014, they tracked down a printer in Canada and had their first pair of custom leggings made. After two years, dozens of tradeshows, countless compliments and hearing “where did you get those?” every time they were worn, the couple officially launched Kindstems in late 2016 with five unique designs.

Beacon shared, “My personal highlights of launching KindStems is meeting all of the savvy, intelligent, and down-to-earth women who are living unstoppable lives AND proudly representing the cannabis industry. There is still much to do in terms of destigmatizing how marijuana is viewed, but I have no doubt that we are in the right company to do so.” 

The couple have big plans for the brand and are putting the finishing touches on designs for the upcoming Spring 2017 line. 

Follow Kindstems on Instagram: @kindstems. Or the couple’s personal pages, @gardenofbeacon and @erik.nugshots

Purchase online at, use code “SKUNK” for 15% off your order.

Originally published in The HIGHWAY California Issue 2 March/April 2017 

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